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Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist: Key Distinctions Explained

Medically reviewed by Dr. Anthony Nappi / July 25, 2023 / 5 min. read When looking for eye care, there are multiple eye professionals to consider - an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, and an optician. What are the differences between…
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How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in 2023?

By Dr. Anthony Nappi / July 24, 2023 / 5 min. read Considering LASIK eye surgery? Learn about the cost of this popular procedure and what factors can influence pricing. How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost? Did you know that according…
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LASIK Success Rates: How Safe Is Eye Surgery In 2024?

By Anthony Nappi, OD / Published February 6, 2024 / 4 min. read LASIK eye surgery is one of the most popular elective procedures in America. Millions of people have gotten laser eye surgery to correct their vision, and the LASIK success…